Choosing a qualified motion picture pilot is never an accident.

We are able to provide all phases of a stunt situation, both air and ground, by bringing to a production a professional organization. We are able to save a production time and money because we can supply aircraft, pilots, stunt persons and special effects. We are the aviation specialists for the motion picture and television industry!

Fixed wing


From turbo props to jet planes, fixed wing aircraft are needed for high altitude, and high speed work. With our vast network in the aviation community, we can provide a variety of options to meet your aerial needs.



We provide the most reliable camera helicopters and story helicopters. The Motion Picture Aviation fleet is comprised of a wide range of makes and models to fit any shoot or any script.



The next evolution of aerial filming has arrived in the form of drones. Drones allow more creative freedom to execute shots in close proximities, maneuver through tight spaces and accomplish aerial shots indoors. We’ve tailored our drone fleet to interface with most camera systems currently used in the film industry today.